Joy Behar Floats Theory On Why Trump Fired LTC Vindman’s Twin Too: ‘He Couldn’t Tell The Two Apart?’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar took direct aim at the White House, attacking President Donald Trump’s decision to dismiss both LTC Alexander Vindman and his twin brother.

Behar made the comments on Monday’s “The View” on ABC, claiming that the Vindmans’ ouster was just another part of Trump’s plan to exact revenge on everyone who opposed him during the impeachment process. (RELATED: ‘When They Go Low, We Go Lower’: Joy Behar Defends Pelosi’s Speech-Ripping Response To SOTU)


“So, Trump’s post-impeachment purge began on Friday,” Behar began. “Key witness, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman was reassigned and escorted from the White House, and his twin brother also who is a lawyer and ethics official at the NSC. It’s funny, isn’t it? First of all, we know it’s revenge.”

“But why did he have to fire the twin?” Behar continued. “Because he couldn’t tell the two of them apart? Or I mean — it’s like, I don’t know which one it is but let’s just fire both of them to be safe. Why was the twin fired?”

Guest cohost Ana Navarro explained, “Because it was about revenge because it was about being punitive. Because it was about going after not only Vindman but his family.” (RELATED: Medal Of Honor Recipient Says LTC Vindman Was A ‘Spotlighter’ Whose Own Peers Wanted Him Out)

What neither Behar nor Navarro acknowledged was the fact that, under oath, LTC Vindman testified that he discussed the contents of the July 25th phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky — and his concerns about it — with his brother prior to coming forward.

“I’m so pissed, I’m livid about this and I’ll tell you why. These two, the Vindmans, they are decorated veterans, okay?” Navarro continued, pointing out the fact that LTC Vindman was a Purple Heart recipient and claiming that it was shameful for them to be dismissed by Trump, who she referred to as a “draft dodger.”

“I thought the Republican Party was so pro military. Why are they not standing up for this?” Behar asked.

“Now they’re pro Trump,” Navarro shot back. “That’s all they are.”