Sam Donaldson Roasted After Shedding Journalism Hat To Make First Presidential Endorsement

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Retired ABC News anchor Sam Donaldson was roasted on Twitter over the weekend after choosing to endorse Michael Bloomberg for president — his first political endorsement in his 52-year career.

“When I retired seven years ago, I fully expected to remain a political observer,” Donaldson wrote in a CNN op-ed after noting that he had been “completely independent from the political process” throughout his over half a century career. “But there is too much at stake in the next election to remain silent. So, I am speaking out now in support of the candidate I believe is most qualified to be president and most able to defeat Donald Trump. That candidate is Mike Bloomberg.”

Donaldson called the former New York City mayor an “effective leader and problem solver” who can “bring people together and unite the country.”

“After a lifetime of reporting the news, now is the time for me to stand up as a private citizen and do everything in my power to help defeat Donald Trump and elect Mike Bloomberg the next president of the United States,” he wrote. (RELATED: Chris Wallace On Democratic Party Opposition To Bernie: ‘I’m Not Sure They Can Stop Him’)

CNN anchor Brian Stelter shared a clip of Donaldson’s Friday night appearance on “Anderson Cooper 360” via Twitter on Saturday morning:

“We are in the grip … of a sick, ignorant man,” Donaldson told Cooper. “He’s mean. He’s corrupt, and if we don’t get this right we may lose the things that have made this country the best place to live in the world and that shining city on a hill that Ronald Reagan used to talk about that was the envy of the world.”

The longtime ABC News anchor even shot an ad for the Bloomberg campaign, which posted it to Twitter on Saturday afternoon:

All of which led to plenty of Saturday Twitter reactions from all sides of the political spectrum. Here’s a sampling: