Chris Wallace On Democratic Party Opposition To Bernie: ‘I’m Not Sure They Can Stop Him’

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace speculated that Democrats who oppose Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid may not be able to “stop” him if he keeps winning delegates.

Appearing on Friday’s edition of “Bill Hemmer Reports” with Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer, Wallace reacted to news that Sanders currently leads in a new Nevada poll.

“If he pulls that off, Chris, he can make the argument that he is now three for three in these contests,” Hemmer pointed out. “Sanders would be yet again the clear frontrunner, and this is causing a lot of agita for members of the Democratic Party in the House who come from swing states. If you believe the party was stacked against Bernie Sanders in 2016, how do they stop him now?”


“Well, I’m not sure they can stop him,” Wallace responded. “And again remember, this all comes against the backdrop of 2016 and all the complaints that Bernie Sanders made after, and a lot of rules changes. For instance, diminishing the role of the super delegates that were made in response to the complaints from Bernie Sanders.”

The Fox News anchor contended that Sanders, given that he already got the most votes in Iowa and New Hampshire, would be “absolutely the frontrunner for the nomination” should he win the most votes in Nevada.

“He’s also got a clear lane on the left because Elizabeth Warren seems in such trouble,” he said, “while that more moderate lane is clogged up. You have the Buttigieg caravan, and you got the Klobuchar caravan, you got Joe Biden hanging on, and then super Tuesday you have now got Michael Bloomberg … So, it’s going to be a very interesting political argument. Look, all kinds of things can happen super Tuesday and beyond. But if he has the plurality, you know, let alone the majority, even if he has let’s say the most delegates going into Milwaukee in July, the national convention, can you stop him, should you stop him?” (RELATED: ABC’s Jon Karl: Trump Campaign Not ‘Quaking In Their Boots’ After Debate)

“It’s gonna be a story,” Hemmer remarked.