Are You A Fan Of Watches & Timepieces? Here Are The Hottest Watches of 2020

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Luxury watches have long been reserved for the rich and famous. Today, many top brands have made more affordable pieces for their celebrity ambassadors to sport and sell to the public.

Sure, you can still dish out $100,000 for a time piece to take out on the occasional super-yacht, but for most of us, a fashionable accessory that doesn’t break the bank is more in our wheelhouse.

With time has come more brands, more affordability and more style. Here are the best and most popular watches of 2020, tailored to fit your price range:

1. Seiko Recraft

Famously worn by Mick Jagger back in the day, this affordable, stainless-steel model will cost you under $200.

Should last as long as the Keith Richards (via

It’s sporty but not “let me time your sprints” sporty, great for active lifestyles and those conducting a lot of business on the move.

In general, it’s suitable for swimming, and great for those who perspire more than others.

2. Michael Kors Slim Runway Quartz

Everyone knows the brand, so it should be obvious that this Michael Kors watch is an Amazon Best Seller.

Men’s Slim Runway Quartz Watch (via

If you’re looking for a watch to wear out, that looks like it could be $2,000 but is actually around $200, you should go with this one.

The branding and positioning of Michael Kors comes with the bonus that it’s a recognizable jewelry brand that most will assume is expensive. It’s hard to find a brand of this notoriety putting out product in this price range, making it a great bargain.

3. Citizen BN0151-09L

Citizen is widely popular and colloquially known as ‘the new celebrity watch’ due to high-power endorsements from the likes of singer Kelly Clarkson and two-time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning, among many star-studded wearers.

Super Bowl rings not included (via

For around $200-$300 the Citizen BN0151-09L has a remarkable face given its price.  In addition, this watch is solar-powered so you’ll never need to replace the battery.

It’s a highly-rated piece ranking on Amazon’s Choice list, with a near-perfect review score.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision

The ever-popular Swiss Army watch brand has popped up in plenty of films in recent history, however it’s not likely to make you crash your credit rating at around $180 to $300.

Swiss Army knives sure have changed (via

With an illumination mode, signal mode and a locator mode this watch is very keen on making sure you don’t get lost. If you do, making sure that you are found.

Worst case scenario, the bears in the woods may respect your excellent watch and escort you home safely.

5. Tissot Seastar

With a pair of options here from Tissot including the Seastar 1000 Chronograph and Seastar 1000 Automatic Blue Dial, the difference is a couple hundred dollars (topping out around $550-$600) and a few key features.

Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph (via

Both have luminous hands and hour markers, while the cheaper option comes with three sub-dials. The automatic focuses on a more bold, classic face that is more likely to stand out.

As well, NBA players Klay Thompson and Trae Young model the brand,  as Tissot is a favorite of worldwide athletes with racecar and motorcycle drivers alike serving as ambassadors across the globe.

6. Invicta Pro Diver Quartz

Look no further than The Terminator for this brand, Invicta’s confident and classic design is made for professional divers – on dry land usually – however this model gives a little bit more water-resistance at a depth deeper than the usual, at 200 meters.

Don’t leave shore without it (via

If you’re looking to stand out downtown or at the boat club, for anywhere from $55-$70, this Invicta watch (available in different colors) will make you look like you’re the Captain of the yacht!

80% of reviewers give it a 5-star rating, touting sentiments of ‘flash-for-value’; a great piece at its price.

When ordering online, be sure to get your wrist size correct. Nothing is more annoying than waiting for a great watch in the mail only to have to send it back or take it in to get re-sized.

You should be able to find a watch to fit your price range no matter low or high, but be conscious of what type of usage it will get, and how it will accessorize with your wardrobe.

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