Affordable And Stylish Don’t Have To Be Antonyms. The Best Jewelry On The Internet

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As fun as shopping is, jewelry stores can often open our eyes so wide that our wallets try to match it. Add in up-selling from eager salespeople and sometimes we end up over-indulging.

Want to personalize, peruse and pick out the best jewelry from the comfort of your home without over-spending? We’ve compiled an affordable and stylish list of the best jewelry on the Internet, as recommended by fashion gurus from the top publications around the globe.

1. The Best Sellers

Beginning with an affordable price point, the Amazon Best Sellers list provides some stylish options that anyone can afford.

From Pavoi (via

Start with these 14K gold-plated, cuff earrings from Pavoi, the style is a Hollywood favorite, landing themselves #1 on the Best Seller list at the time of this writing.

If we jump ahead on the list, we’ll find this Sterling Silver necklace, available in 10 different lengths. It’s nickel-free and rhodium finished, so it won’t tarnish into that weird, greenish color that we all are familiar with.

2. Kenneth Cole NY Earrings

The runways have been filled with New York-style hoop earrings recently, particularly this crescent style from Kenneth Cole.


Smooth curves draw eyes to your neckline, creating a somewhat exotic but down-to-earth look. These can be paired with a sleek dress, or are perfectly suitable with day-to-day wear but still at an affordable price.

3. Swarovski Pendant

Swarovski is associated with elegance and brilliant, shimmering cuts, which is why this Antique Pendant Necklace is a steal at its price. Buy in Sterling Silver White or Canary Yellow; this piece is built for longevity.

Canary Yellow (via

These pendants are designed for heavy use, so don’t be afraid to make it your go-to or stash it away for a rainy day. If you buy both colors, rest assured they pretty much match any outfit.

4. Luxury Chokers

Moving into the mid-range prices, we all know how chokers have jumped in popularity in recent years. While you can opt for a variety of super-simple choices, luxury chokers are some of the hottest fashion choices for 2020.

Available in yellow or white gold (via

It may not be exactly what you think of when you picture a choker, but these yellow and white gold adjustable chokers keep popping up on ‘Best of 2020’ lists, coming highly recommended by designers.

Dig these out for a special occasion as the focus of your outfit, as they can elevate any dress to the next level by drawing eyes and turning heads.

5. Sport Watches

Obviously, we need something that goes with our closet full of active wear. If we’re not sweating – well, they’re splash resistant even if you are – these Michele sport watches are perfect active and sporty looks.

Gray/Silver or Deep Blue (via

The gray/silver look presents a little classier; with a silver-tone bezel it goes well with most lighter-colored outfits. However, that doesn’t mean the deep blue (almost Chanel blue) isn’t stunning. A gold-plated case brings everything together for your darker active wear.

6. Tennis Bracelets

As we all submit to our inner fitness goddess, we can find a sporty yet flashy piece for every price range. Amazon Essentials comes in silver, platinum or gold for around $60, but if we move up to the Rose Gold Swarovski, we’ve barely hit $100 for this masterfully-cut bracelet that is guaranteed to sparkle and draw attention.

Swarovski – Rose Gold (via

For sheer brilliance though, the pure white, yellow or rose gold diamond-studded tennis bracelet is breath taking.

Choose from nine, 12 or 14k gold, all made from conflict-free diamond suppliers; this bracelet refuses to disappoint in any way.

Now that you’ve got your neck, wrists and ears all ready for Spring, don’t forget to tell us your 2020 go-to pieces, and your favorite styles of the season.

Be sure to take a look at where your jewelry is being made, taking specific notice of words like ‘plated’, ‘finished’ or ‘simulated’ to ensure you know what you’re buying. These are key factors in how your jewelry shines, degrades or handles the elements.

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