Pete Davidson Takes Back Dan Crenshaw Apology In New Netflix Stand Up Special

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Saturday Night Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKaakjMVtyE)

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Comedian Pete Davidson walked back his apology to Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw during his new Netflix comedy special.

“Alive From New York,” Davidson’s first stand up special with Netflix, hits on headline news topics in his life including his brief scandal with the Texas congressman, according to a report published Tuesday by Page Six.

In the special, Davidson took back his apology to Crenshaw. The original apology aired on “SNL” after Davidson claimed he was “surprised [Crenshaw is] a congressional candidate from Texas and not a hitman in a porno movie.”

“The only thing I don’t like is people are, like, ‘It’s your fault that guy won’ and that’s not true,” Davidson said in the special. “I think like most of the votes were in and that guy is a Republican with an eye patch in Texas. So it was a lock before it even started.”

Davidson then claimed he made Crenshaw “famous” and a “household name.” (RELATED: Pete Davidson Admits He Needs His Mom To Get Laid)

“The only thing I did do, which I am guilty of and I apologized for, is I did make that guy famous and a household name for no reason,” he said. “I did what Ariana Grande did for me.”

It’s confusing to see Davidson bring this interaction up yet again. This was all supposedly settled back in November of 2018 and yet here we are hashing the whole thing out again in his 2020 comedy special.

He also spent a solid chunk of time dissing on ex-fiancee Ariana Grande, and it was not the best look for him.

Davidson is still a great comedian, so “Alive From New York” is sure to have some great jokes, but being petty isn’t a good look for him.