Dog Toys Every Good Boy (And Girl) Must Have

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Whether your dog has been cooped up during the cold weather or it’s just time for some new toys, every doggo deserves to be told now and again how good of a boy/girl they are, and rewarded with a new source of entertainment.

With something for the tough dog, the sporty dog, the prissy dog and even the hyper-active ones, we’ve found a variety of toys for Spot (yes, pretend it’s 1952) to play with so you can take a brief rest from belly rub #41…but then it’s right back to more belly rubs.

1. Near-Indestructible Bone (For the Tough Dog)

If you find your K9 has an unquenchable thirst, is constantly tearing apart every toy and chewing on anything they get their paws on, this may be the product for you.

Guaranteed to be time consuming (via

This bone can save a ton of money from toy destruction while possibly helping a teething or overly aggressive dog. At just $13 this Amazon’s Choice product is completely non-toxic so don’t worry about your dogs health.

While some of even the most bite-happy dogs can still get through this, it is heavily-reviewed and recommended with the manufacturer providing a lifetime replacement guarantee.

2. The Auto Ball-Launcher (Hyper Dog)

If you’ve recently blown out your shoulder throwing in the World Series (happens to all of us), you can teach your dog to fetch without you with this automatic ball launcher.

Hyper dog, less hyper owner (via

Train your pup to fetch by dropping extra-chewy tennis balls in the launcher, pre-set to launch at 10, 20 or 30 feet. Your dog can play with themselves for probably hours, or, drop a few bucks on a bunch of tennis balls and tire the poor girl out by launching some 30-foot-dingers over and over.

3. Treat Dispensing Chew Toy (The Clever Dog)

Pack this toy with some small treats (larger ones may get stuck) and watch your dog squeeze out them by gnawing on this highly-chewable dispenser.

You’ll never be this happy (via

Not only does the toy offer a sweet reward system, the ridges provide adequate teeth cleaning for your best friend. The treats aren’t too easy to get out in order to prevent over-eating, and the toy is said reduce anxiety.

Comes in a couple different color options and is of course non-toxic.

4. Golf Club Squeakers (Sporty Dog)

If you’ve got yourself an athletic dog who likes to hit the links, try this set of clubs that comes with a squeaky toy inside each. These aren’t for larger breeds, but it’s certainly a lot of fun for medium and small sized dogs.

For the next Phil Bark-leson (via

Each set comes with a golf tee, club and two balls inside the plush and embroidered bag. We’re not sure if you can actually get your dog to caddy for you with this, but if you do please send us photos.

5. Luxury Replicas (Classy Dogs)

These final items are a lot of fun. Thanks to, there is an entire line of replica products for any personality of dog you can think of.

Only slightly more expensive than the real thing (via

If your dog is a bit sassy, you might go for the (pictured above) Starbarks drink plush-toy.  Maybe man’s best friend is a bit of a blue-collar worker (see what we did there?) and prefers to kick back with a refreshing Barkweiser.

Finally, if your companion is more of a Kardashian or Jenner, maybe a Chewy Vuiton is the suitable gift for her. We won’t recommend anymore of these, for fear of running out of puns.

When searching for the right toy for your dog, make sure to check the manufacturing for the materials list, especially if purchased from overseas. The last thing we want is a poisonous, corrosive or dangerously shaped/broken toy, so make sure it is labeled ‘non-toxic’.

As well, replacement or money back guarantees should be sought out if your dog is the type to go through toys like it’s their job. Well, in many ways we suppose it is.

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