Jonathan Karl Weighs In On Warren: ‘I Wouldn’t Automatically Assume That She Endorses Bernie Sanders’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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ABC’s Jonathan Karl weighed in Wednesday on Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and what she might do after a disappointing finish on Super Tuesday.

Karl, during a segment of “The View,” argued that Warren might not be ready to endorse independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders despite the similarities of their policies and platforms. (RELATED: Did Elizabeth Warren Make An Unholy Super Tuesday Deal?)


Sunny Hostin began the segment by noting the candidates who had coalesced around former Vice President Joe Biden, giving him a wave to ride through the Super Tuesday contests. She then asked whether a similar team comprised of Sanders and Warren might arise on the other side of the party.

“Elizabeth Warren also had a disappointing evening. She lost in her home state of Massachusetts. She came in third which I think surprised a lot of people. She’s now assessing her campaign. Do you think she will drop out, and what do you make of the fact that you had people like Pete and you had people like Klobuchar who sort of coalesced and got behind Biden? What would happen if someone like Elizabeth does drop out and gets behind Bernie?” Hostin asked.

“Well, progressives are making that case very strongly to her right now,” Karl replied. “She came in third in Massachusetts and she also came in third among women voters in Massachusetts. She lost her other home state where she grew up, Oklahoma, so it’s hard to see how she stays in. But I wouldn’t automatically assume that she endorses Bernie Sanders.”

Karl went on to point out that there was no love lost between Warren and either Sanders or Biden, so the question would likely come down to whose campaign she could impact the most.

“Her argument, her beef with Biden goes back a long time when she was advocating bank reform and he was the senator from Delaware,” Karl explained. “There’s great YouTube video of that testimony. She had a real dustup with Bernie Sanders. That was bitter and I’m just not so sure. And even if she does — I also think she’s strategic and if she sees Biden on a path to a nomination …”