Demi Lovato Gives Fans Updates On Her Highly-Anticipated Updated Album

(Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)

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Musician Demi Lovato gave an update on her highly-anticipated upcoming album.

Lovato opened up about her music to New Music Daily on Apple Music after she released her new single, “I Love Me,” according to a report published by Entertainment Tonight. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer has fans wondering when the new album will be out.

“I’m actually [still] finishing up some of the album,” Lovato admitted. “It was gonna be done a lot earlier… and then, um, after my performances, we kinda went back to the drawing board. I thought, ‘What is this album missing? Am I really putting out the best work that I possibly can?’ So I’m just taking a little bit more time with it.”

While fans might have to wait a little longer than expected to hear the full album, I really respect what Lovato is trying to do with her music. We saw Selena Gomez get really personal with her music and it’s some of the best we’ve seen from her. (RELATED: Demi Lovato Takes Responsibility For Her Drug Addiction In New Interview)

Lovato said being her best is a “goal for the rest of [her] life.”

“I feel like that’s obviously the goal for the rest of my life. It’s not something that I wanna just stop with this album. It’s so important to always remember that,” she shared. “We really are all we have. At the end of the day when we enter this world and when we leave this world, our souls are all we have. It’s important to respect them, treat our bodies like temples, and love ourselves as much as possible.”

I’m proud of Lovato for everything she’s accomplished since her overdose and I can’t wait to hear her new music.