Joy Behar Says She’s ‘A Little More Confident’ That Pence Can Handle Coronavirus Response Over Trump

Joy Behar appears on "The View." Screenshot/ABC

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar admitted Thursday that she is somewhat confident in Vice President Mike Pence’s ability to handle the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, at least compared to President Donald Trump.

Behar responded during ABC’s “The View” to Trump’s Oval Office comments on the spread of the virus.


Meghan McCain was critical of the president’s speech, saying that he was not able to connect with the American people in a crisis.

“He could have been reading the phonebook last night,” she said. “He should have been saying, ‘I understand Americans are scared.’ Have a Ronald Reagan-esque moment.”

She continued:

His inability to emote with the American people about how scary this is, and people at this point I can say — there’s a lot of healthy fear, and there’s a Quinnipiac Poll that came out that says 56% see Joe Biden as a leader in crisis … and I think this crisis has really shown it doesn’t matter at the end of the day how great the economy is, which by the way, 82% of his financial gains since he has been president have officially evaporated.

“You want your leader to reassure you, and to say he didn’t do that for me last night is putting it lightly,” McCain added. (RELATED: ‘I Wouldn’t Put Anything Past Bernie And His Supporters’: Meghan McCain Says Bernie Will Not Go Quietly)

“Don’t you think this is a good time for him to resign?” Behar asked. “Pence has shown to be rather capable, I believe.”

“There’s a little more confidence in Pence,” Hostin agreed.

“I feel a little more confident with Pence and Fauci at the helm,” Behar agreed. “I do not feel any confidence with this guy, he has been incompetent from the giddy-up. Now we’re in a major crisis and he does not know how to handle it.”