Jerry Falwell Jr. Pushes Conspiracy Theory About Coronavirus And North Korea

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. pushed an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory involving North Korea  and the coronavirus during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning.

Falwell also stated that the panic of the virus was being driven by political opponents of President Donald Trump to hurt the president’s re-election campaign. (RELATED: MLB Reportedly Expected To Suspend Operations Over Coronavirus)

“It’s strange to how so many are overreacting,” Falwell said. “The H1N1 virus in 2009 killed 17,000 people. It was not the same hype. You just didn’t see it on the news 24/7, and it makes you wonder if there’s a political reason for that.”

“Impeachment didn’t work, and the Mueller Report didn’t work, and article 25 didn’t work, and so maybe now this is their next attempt to get Trump,” Falwell added.

Falwell than floated the conspiracy theory that the virus could be the “Christmas present” North Korea promised the U.S. in December.

“The owner of a restaurant asked me last night. He said ‘You remember the North Korean leader promised a Christmas present for America back in December'” Falwell said. “Could it be they got together with China and this is that present? I don’t know, but it really was something strange going on.”