DHS Secretary: ‘No Immediate Plans’ To Restrict Domestic Travel In US

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump’s administration does not currently have plans to restrict domestic travel within the U.S. as part of its fight against coronavirus, Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary (DHS) Chad Wolf confirmed Friday.

Wolf’s statement comes after the State Department issued a “Level 4” travel advisory Thursday, encouraging Americans not to travel and urging those already overseas to return home as soon as possible. Trump has also reached a mutual agreement with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to close the U.S.-Canada border to “non-essential travel” for the time being. (RELATED: Senators Caught Dumping Their Stocks After Private Meeting On Coronavirus Impact)

“We continue to enforce the travel restrictions that we have on 30 different countries,” Wolf said on Fox Business. “We have no immediate plans to restrict domestic travel. Although, the president and vice president have been very clear on this, encouraging individuals to stay home and limit that non-essential travel.”

Wolf also hinted at Trump’s plans for the southern border with Mexico, where the administration has already closed the border to asylum seekers. (RELATED: Trump Makes Big Move To Pressure Private Sector)

“When you talk about the illegal population that is something we are certainly focused on,” Wolf said. “The risk is not any less there. I would argue it is more. These are individuals that show up at our northern and southern border with no travel documents no medical history no identity papers, so makes it very difficult to determine what type of screening that we should do for the these individuals. I hope to have an announcement later today, about some measures, some very aggressive measures we are taking.”