Worried About Covid-19? Here Are Three Things You Should Be Doing To Prepare Right Now

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With US cases of Covid-19 seemingly on the rise daily, these are undoubtedly scary times. But that doesn’t mean you need to stand idly by and panic as you wait for the government to get it together! Here are three things you should be doing right now to prepare for Covid-19 to get worst.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have Food & Water For The Long Haul

As other people needlessly hoard toilet paper, remember that the actual necessities in life have always been food, water, and shelter. Assuming you are already quarantined at home, your focus should be on making sure you have enough food and water for the long haul.

What kind of food and water do you need? Canned food, frozen foods, and anything that lasts a while should take precedent over anything else. In addition to your average food from the grocery store, its probably wise to have at least some long-term food on hand that you can just add water to and heat in the event you do lose access to water or electricity. Outbreak Provisions is a vendor specializing in emergency preparedness solutions, has 72 hour food storage kits that are come pre-prepared for you to store, and take if you have to travel for any reason during an emergency.


Photo via Outbreak Provisions

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Step 2: Are You Adequately Prepared With Medicine & First Aid Knowledge?

(Photo via Upsplash)

(Photo via Upsplash)

While this article does a great job of breaking down emergency first aid skills and materials you may need: https://dailycaller.com/2020/03/23/prepare-for-any-disaster/, you should also keep in mind that while pharmacy’s remain open, stacking up on over-the-counter medicines, pain relievers, and vitamins could help save lives if stores later run into shortages.

Also keep in mind that per CDC, washing your hands and staying clean is still one of the best ways to avoid spreading Covid-19, so be sure you are stocked up on soaps, laundry detergents, and feminine supplies, and diapers if needed.

STEP 3: Quarantine Efficiently 

(Photo via Upsplash)

(Photo via Upsplash)

This may seem difficult, but unless you need go travel for either work or supplies..staying home really is the best way to stay safe and avoid infection. If someone you or someone you are living with tests positive for or even suspects they may have Coranavirus, be sure to follow CDC recommendations and minimize contact with others.

This can be as simple as preparing one room as comfortable but isolated space for quarantine. A quarantined individual can still enjoy their favorite activities as they rest and recuperate, and by using paper plates and utensils for food, they can eat the same food as others too while minimizing infection.

For updated guidelines on quarantining and Covid-19 please check: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

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