Afraid Of A Power Outage? Here’s Your New Best Friend

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If the power goes out all bets are off. The best we can do for such an event is be prepared and hope it doesn’t last too long, outside of having your own power source of course.

Some of the most basic necessities you can stock up on for a power outage besides food (for more info on food supplying go here), are any source of energy you can see yourself running out of: Batteries, fuel, lighters, matches, etc.

As well, you’ll want to keep operating flashlights and items like portable phone chargers ready to go also. Be sure to put solar chargers and mini solar panels on your shopping list, that can be charged and used every day the blackout lasts.

If you’ve been looking to start prepping, but aren’t sure where to start, consider a pre-packaged family blackout kit – this way, you can keep everything conveniently stored away, adding items as you see fit.

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This is an affordable way to start preparing for an emergency so that you have supplies ready to go as soon as a devastating event happens.

Along with a deluxe first aid kid – which is likely to come in handy when navigating through the dark – you’ll find a lot of what you’ll need to get through an extended period of time without power or light sources.

Pre-packed in a multi-pocketed wheel bag (with telescopic handle) comes a box of waterproof matches that will work even if you inevitably fall in a puddle and get them wet which, if you’re like us, is likely to happen.

In addition, there’s an emergency lantern that would normally be great for camping, except in this case you’re probably not using it for fun.

Glow sticks, which can play a huge role in terms of signaling your location to others or, measuring the depth of a hole or cliff, are also included. Two come with the pack, but you may want to stock up on even more of these. Glow sticks can be suspended as a light source or be used to mark a pathway so you don’t get lost, or an otherwise invisible entranceway. These can be used up rather quickly, so this is a great example of how you can build upon your pack.

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Another item you may want to increase your inventory on is emergency candles; you’ll get two with this pack, but don’t go overboard as they can take up more space than some of the other items.

While it is recommended that you take advantage of bulk batteries and stash some of those away, batteries can expire, leak or explode if not properly stored. That’s why the included hand-rechargeable flashlight is especially key. An unlimited source of light can go a long way when it is just a hand-crank away, just as any solar-powered device can be.

If you live in a climate like Arizona, California or maybe even Nevada, you know that as warm as it can be in the daytime, some months the weather can drop to freezing levels at night. Therefore it’s important to keep this in mind when prepping for a world without power.

Four body warmers are included in this pack, and should you so choose, go ahead and buy more hand and feet warmers. They’re small, disposable and work wonders.

Perhaps most importantly to keep you safe and warm at night is the mylar emergency sleeping bag. Mylar – which is used by astronauts – is specifically designed to trap body heat and prevent it from escaping. You’ll recall the shiny, futuristic-looking material from emergency (or space emergency) situations where it is used in blanket form.

If you’re looking for other emergency prepping kits, check out some of our other suggestions, and don’t forget to let us know all your survival hints and tips by dropping us a comment or message.

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