Doctor Describes What It’s Like Treating Coronavirus Patients

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Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Dr. John Baugh joined the Daily Caller’s Chief Video Director Richie McGinniss to discuss how doctors are treating and diagnosing the coronavirus.

Dr. Baugh is the chief medical officer for Remote Health Solutions and a practicing ER doctor in Utah. Dr. Baugh explained how different strains of the virus explain why people are experiencing such a wide range of symptoms — some are debilitating while others are mild. He also talked about how the U.S. government’s early intervention in the form of travel restrictions and quarantine were likely helpful in mitigating the spread of the virus as well as the challenges doctors on the frontlines are facing. (RELATED: Google Health Advisory Board Member Optimistic About ‘Sooner Than Later’ End Of Coronavirus Pandemic)

”Despite out best efforts, despite our [personal protective equipment] usage, we will probably contract Covid-19,” he said. “I’ve heard of other physicians who’ve been positive and have been pulled out of the hospital and ER, then your frontline is gone. We’ve been working on plans to help the brotherhood and sisterhood that is medicine.”

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