Amid Concerns That Things Could Get Worst, Now Is The Ideal Time To Make Sure You Are Stocked Up On First Aid

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It seems you can’t read or watch the news these days without a mention of how strained our country’s healthcare system could become as a result of Covid-19. If you or someone you know works in the medical industry, you likely already recognize this reality starting to form, but rather than panic, now can be a good time to restock on first aid supplies-and I’m not just talking about band-aids.

Being prepared for a variety of first aid situations-when going to the pharmacy becomes much harder (or close to impossible) due to economic effects and the spread of Coranavirus – is absolutely crucial, and while you could adequately search for all of the supplies you need separately, I’d like to offer a different solution.

Consider Outbreak Provisions, a new vendor in the emergency preparedness first aid and survivalist space, for comprehensive first aid kits that include enough supplies to treat yourself and your family with ease!

Photo via Outbreak Provisions

Photo via Outbreak Provisions

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For those who are interested, the 25 Person First Aid Kit shown above includes the following:

30 — Adhesive bandages (1” x 3”)
30 — Adhesive bandages (3” x ¾”)
20 — Adhesive bandages (1 ¾” x 3/8”)
3 — Knuckle bandages
3 — Fingertip bandages
3 — Butterfly closures
1 — Roll of tape
2 — Triangular bandages w/safety pins
1 — Trauma pad (5” x 9”)
1 — Eye pad
4 — Gauze pads (4” x 4”)
4 – Gauze pads (3” x 3”)
4 – Gauze pads (2” x 2”)
1 – Roll of gauze (2”)
1 – Roll of gauze (3”)
4 – Examination gloves
1 – Instant cold pack
1 – Tweezers
6 – Burn creams
6 – Sting relief pads
10 – Alcohol pads
20 – Antiseptic towelettes
1 – Case
1 – First aid guide
4 – Finger splints / Tongue depressors
20 – Cotton tip applicators
1 – Eye wash

Not a bad offering of products designed to help you minimize your exposure to Covid-19, including alcohol pads, antiseptic pads, gloves, a cold pack*. It also has many things you may need to treat minor wounds or blunt injuries. While the kit says its for 25 people, in reality this is a great kit to buy for even a small family, as it is both affordable and comprehensive.

Additionally, a first aid kit is only as helpful as the person using it (and their knowledge of first aid). While we have already shared helpful first aid refreshers in this article:, we have taken the liberty of summarizing some of the helpful first aid resources covered in the article (found below):

1. VerywellHeath-

Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

Here are ten common first-aid scenarios you should be comfortable with:

Do You Need A Refresher? 


Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

From basic to advanced, this is a great resource for professional certification in CPR, AED use and other scenarios:

Learn More Today 

3. Army Field Manual-

Photo via Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

If you have the time or you used to be in the armed forces and want a refresher, check out this 305 page “First Aid For Soliders” field guide. It’s comprehensive and built for preparing our nation’s heroes so beware it may be alittle convoluted for those without experience in the army or medical field.

If It’s Good Enough For Our Nation’s Heroes, It Should Serve The Rest Of Us Just Fine 

*The above claim bears no medical recommendation or implication of expertise. You should always consult your doctor or the CDC for the most up-to-date information on Covid-19 and follow their advice.

*We received no compensation for providing or mentioning the above first-aid educational resources, and provided said resources with the express intent of informing our readers of best practices from a verified source

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