Need A First-Aid Refresher? In Troubled Times Here Are Some Free Resources To Keep You Prepared

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I remember the day I received my First-Aid Merit badge like it was yesterday. I had just been through 10 hours of practical testing and instructional knowledge and testing including CPR certification, splint creation, and the correct procedure for treating someone with hypothermia or heat stroke.

As an Eagle Scout, I’d like to think I’m prepared for most emergency first-aid situations, but my better judgement reminds me that as the years add on, the knowledge of yesterday can quickly be forgotten if the appropriate efforts aren’t made to retain the knowledge.

It simply can not be overstated how important it is that your or a loved one is well versed in first aid and well prepared for a multitude of different scenarios that may arise if stores close, a lockdown is issued, or travel becomes absolutely necessary with all roads blocked off.

Get prepared as soon as possible with whatever resources are available to you, but if you are looking for most of what you would need in an emergency in one place, I would recommend looking no further than Outbreak Provisions.*

Outbreak Provisions has a first aid kit that includes things that may help minimize your exposure to Covid-19, including alcohol pads, antiseptic pads, gloves, a cold pack*. It also has many things you may need to treat minor wounds or blunt injuries as described in the resources above.*

183 Separate Pieces Ensures You Are Prepared For A Multitude Of First-Aid Scenarios (Photo via Outbreak Provisions)

183 Separate Pieces Ensures You Are Prepared For A Multitude Of First-Aid Scenarios (Photo via Outbreak Provisions)

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It’s for that reason that during a time of crisis, with everything going on nationally as a result of Covid-19, you take the time to review the following first-aid practices as outlined by various health organizations:

(Photo via Outbreak Provisions)

(Photo via Outbreak Provisions)

1. VerywellHeath-

Here are ten common first-aid scenarios you should be comfortable with:

Are You Familiar With All Of Them? 


From basic to advanced, this is a great resource for professional certification in CPR, AED use and other scenarios:

Find Out More Today

3. Army Field Manual-

If you have the time or you used to be in the armed forces and want a refresher, check out this 305 page “First Aid For Soliders” field guide. It’s comprehensive and built for preparing our nation’s heroes so beware it may be alittle convoluted for those without experience in the army or medical field.

First Aid For The Solider 

*The above claim bears no medical recommendation or implication of expertise. You should always consult your doctor or the CDC for the most up-to-date information on Covid-19 and follow their advice.

*We received no compensation for providing or mentioning the above first-aid educational resources, and provided said resources with the express intent of informing our readers of best practices from a verified source

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