Greg Gutfeld Considering Suing Media Matters Employee Over ‘The Five’ Coronavirus Coverage Claim

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld is considering taking legal action against a Media Matters employee who accused him of lying about when “The Five” began to take the novel coronavirus threat seriously.

The Twitter feud began March 31 after the left wing activist group’s deputy director of rapid response Andrew Lawrence posted a clip of Gutfeld talking about the virus on “The Five” Tuesday.

“I wonder, when ‘The Five’ sounded the alarm on the virus back in January, what was Chuck’s concern,” Gutfeld said in the clip. Lawrence tweeted that “Greg Gutfeld says Fox’s ‘The Five’ sounded the alarm on coronavirus back in January……BUT he’s lying” and promptly sparked a feud with the Fox News host.

After numerous back and forths with Lawrence, commentator Dave Rubin chimed in and suggested Gutfeld get lawyer Harmeet K. Dhillon involved.

“Just did!” Gutfeld replied.

The decision to consider legal action came after Gutfeld told Lawrence numerous times to retract his claim and admit he lied. Gutfeld even referred Lawrence to a pinned tweet that shows a clip of “The Five” talking about the virus back in January.

The January 28 segment that Gutfeld tweeted shows “The Five” talking about coronavirus and how important it is to take certain steps to slow the spread, such as issuing a travel ban on China.

“It’s coming here unless you stop it,” Gutfeld said on January 28. “So, I do think we should consider a temporary travel ban [on China].”


Lawrence has so far refused to retract his comment and apologize, doubling down on his original claim. The MMFA employee even furthered his claims by accusing “The Five” and Fox News’ coverage of the virus of being dangerous enough to get “people killed.”

“The way your show and your network covered this from the beginning are going to get people killed,” Lawrence said in one of the many tweets.

“Imagine being so foxed up to assert Fox always took seriously,” MMFA president Angelo Carusone tweeted about the news that Gutfeld may take legal action.