Is Your First Aid Kit Fully Stocked? How Long Will Your Supplies Last?

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Have you been using this time to think about how you, yourself, your country and the world seemingly were unprepared for such events? Perhaps you’ve given thought to how to be better prepared now or in the near future.

If you have, you’re not alone; the line ups at the grocery and hardware stores are as much evidence as any. With the added preparation comes a realization and need for certain items, from first aid to personal protection to, of course, food.

For detailed information on these types of emergencies, head over to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website; there you’ll find a plethora of handy info on recent outbreaks or more specifically, particular emergency situations like pandemics.

First Aid

To be prepared for any pandemics, viral outbreaks or natural disasters, first and foremost you need an operational first aid kit. For a family or group of people, you’ll be much better off over-stocking than going with the bare minimum, and you should always be looking to add to your supply.

25-person kit

Packed with adhesive, bandages and gauze you’ll this first aid kit comes with a mask and a whole lot more. While this is designed to meet the needs of 25 people, if you’re looking for bigger or smaller, just go here.


For the individual who’s looking to get-up-and-go in an instant during an outbreak or disaster, you may want to consider a ‘bugout kit‘. The term ‘bugout‘ stems from military usage meant to retreat, or leave at a moment’s notice.

Running with the term, these kits are pre-packed for the individual to survive off of for a couple days. Complete with water, supplies and non-perishable foods, this is something one should have no matter how prepared they think they are. Because, in a worst case scenario, you can’t take everything with you.

There’s a lot of variations in the types of survival kits you can get for yourself. There are kits for children; which come with child-size emergency wear, hygiene kits and more. Or, there are kits meant for larger groups of people or a family…upwards of four individuals can survive three days with packs filled with purifiers, ponchos, knives, flashlights and more.

The only thing you need to think about in this case is whether you want your kit in a portable bag or a bucket.

If you simply want a bare bones, no frills three-day survival kit with nothing but food, water and a survival blanket, the 3-Day Box Kit will sit nicely in storage for any emergency until it’s needed.


Hopefully you’ve taken some time to store non-perishable items, flesh out your garden or learn some integral food gathering/hunting/fishing techniques.

If you need something to compliment these items or skills, have a look at the Emergency Food Preparation Kit. This isn’t going to provide you with food (for info on what food to consider click here), but it will give you everything you need to cook and eat: water pouches, a portable stove with 24 fuel tablets, a multi-tool/pocket knife, a stainless steel drinking cup, utensils and a trusty box of waterproof matches.

Of course, you can supplement this with something like a portable stove (which will of course need fuel) or something incredibly innovative, like a solar-powered mini oven.

For flame-less or emergency cooking (via

If you didn’t deem it necessary to prepare survival kits or emergency caches before, there’s never been a better time in recent memory than now. Hopefully, in the future we will all be better prepared by ensuring we have adequate food, first aid and survival supplies to get through any tough times.

Consider heading over to to browse any kits you think may be useful, so that you can be prepared for the unthinkable.

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