‘China Lied To The World’: McCarthy Slams The ‘Chinese Communist Party’ Over Coronavirus

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Henry Rodgers Senior Congressional Correspondent
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Monday slammed China, saying they lied over coronavirus and that they would not allow U.S. professionals to get information on the disease before it spread throughout the world.

McCarthy sent a tweet out, saying “If the Chinese Communist Party would have allowed our scientists, our researchers, and our doctors in at the very beginning, we perhaps could have contained the coronavirus so that the rest of the world wouldn’t have to suffer,” with a clip of a March 25 press conference on Capitol Hill.


McCarthy continued Thursday to advise against rushing to a phase 4 coronavirus package, as the House just passed the $2 trillion legislation which he says needs to be implemented correctly. (RELATED: McCarthy Says He Is Still Opposed To ‘Phase 4’ Coronavirus Package)

“I’m not opposed to infrastructure. What I’m opposed to is using a crisis to try to restructure government,” McCarthy said Thursday. (RELATED: Here Is What To Expect In The Next Coronavirus Relief Bill)

Meanwhile, minutes after President Donald Trump signed the $2 trillion phase 3 bill last Friday, following weeks of negotiations in Congress, calling immediately started from Democrats for another massive relief bill.