Defenseman P.K. Subban Hosting NHL Trivia Show

Elsa/Getty Images

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban will host a new trivia show coming out Saturday called “NHL Hat Trick Trivia.”

The 30-minute trivia show will take place in P.K. Subban’s living room, with contestants being filmed at their homes as well. There is also a guest player every week. The first episode will feature Patrick Maroon of the Tampa Bay Lightning. The first two contestants include a St. Louis police officer and a New Jersey paramedic, according to the Associated Press.

“For me, it is exciting to help during this time,” Subban said. “I know how tough it is not only for the NHL, but all the professional sports leagues out there. I think when players can step up and show they care about the league — we can be divided a lot of times — but I think this is a great time for us to show people how much we care about the game and care about the fans.”

Contestants receive a hat for getting one question right, a jersey for two questions right, and two tickets to any NHL game next season for three correct answers. The program will air every Saturday at noon on Sportsnet and Wednesday night on NBCSN. The show will also be on all of the NHL’s platforms and social media.

“This show can bring a lot of fun and positive energy to people and humor and remind them of their love of the game of hockey and the people in hockey,” Subban said, according to the Associated Press.