CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ Episode Appearing To Show Biden Accuser’s Mother Calling Seems To Be Missing From Google Play Catalog

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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The CNN “Larry King Live” episode that apparently shows Tara Reade’s mother calling about her daughter’s alleged sexual assault doesn’t appear to be available on Google Play’s catalog.

The August 11, 1993 episode appears to show Reade’s mother calling in and asking King about her daughter having “problems” with “a prominent senator.” Reade publicly accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in the early 1990’s last month.

The episode was first reported with a transcript by The Intercept Friday. Media Research Center then unearthed CNN’s video of the segment and Reade confirmed that the voice was her mother’s.

Twitter user J.L. Hamilton pointed out Saturday evening that the episode in question is not on Google Play’s catalog, Fox News reported after verification. The Daily Caller also verified Hamilton’s screenshot.

King’s episodes typically appear to be shown in five-day chunks. For the week of August 9-13 in 1993, however, one day is missing – August 11, 1993. This is the episode where Reade says her mother called in to talk about the “problems” her daughter was having.

The episodes, although shown in the Google Play catalog, are not available to watch or download.

CNN directed the Daily Caller to a series of tweets from Matt Dornic, the network’s vice president of communications, about the missing footage. Dornic said that “CNN didn’t remove anything” and that the network doesn’t “have a distro deal for LKL [Larry King Live] w/ Google Play.”

Hamilton deleted the tweet, which accused CNN of removing the episode, after Dornic’s messages Sunday.

Google and Wikipedia did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller. Wikipedia provided the description for “Larry King Live,” but it’s not clear if they provided the episodes.

It is also not clear when the episode was removed from Google Play or who was responsible for apparently removing it.

CNN came under fire after failing to unearth its own footage of the “Larry King Live” episode in question. The network wrote up an article about the footage following a post from the Daily Caller about its failure to find the clip. (RELATED: CNN Failed To Uncover Footage From Its Own Archives That Could Back Up Biden Accuser’s Allegations)

The CNN footage does not show Reade’s mother alluding to the actual alleged assault. It does show a voice that Reade says is her mother’s asking King advice on “what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington.”

Although her mother does not mention specifics about the incident, the phone call backs up Reade’s previous statements that her mother called into “Larry King Live” about her daughter’s experience on Capitol Hill.