‘Good Morning America’ Correspondent Caught Pantsless On Live TV

Will Reeve accidentally shows off his thigh on "Good Morning America." Credit: Grabien "GMA"

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A “Good Morning America” correspondent showed off a little too much on live television Tuesday morning.

Will Reeve, of ABC, appeared to be almost pants-less during the live shot, but claimed he is wearing shorts. The trend is new since the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to work from home. Reeve claimed the correspondents are their own camera operators when broadcasting from home.

The correspondent also addressed the footage on his own Twitter account.

“I have ARRIVED* *in the most hilariously mortifying way possible,” he tweeted. (RELATED: ‘Good Morning America’ Anchors Pay Tribute After Death Of Long-Time Producer Thea Trachtenburg)

“Man the more I look at this the more thigh I see,” he replied to one Twitter user. “Yikes.”

I love the content we’re getting online like this. It’s usually really easy to get away with something like this as long as you have the right angles. If the angles are off, you end up showing more than you’d like. Mostly this happens during Zoom or Skype meetings, but for this poor guy it was live television.

He seems to be taking it well. He’s online making jokes about himself and that’s a good sign. You have to be a good sport when things like this happen. Otherwise, you end up looking more stupid than you did when you were pants-less on live TV.