‘Do Not Interrupt Me!’: Fireworks Ensue When Chris Hahn Tries To Interrupt Katie Pavlich’s Point About Tara Reade

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A Friday night Fox News panel discussion between Democratic Party activist Chris Hahn and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich got heated when Hahn tried to interrupt Pavlich as she was making a point about the credibility of Tara Reade.

The “Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream” segment centered around the difference between Reade’s sexual assault accusations against former Vice President Joe Biden and those made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.

While Hahn told Pavlich and Fox News anchor Shannon Bream that he believes “women should be heard,” he also defended Biden based on the fact that “we don’t see multiple women coming forward with similar allegations.”


“That would cause me great concern and would cause me to really doubt the choice of him for president,” said Hahn, contending that unless that happens, the “American people will make a decision” on the allegations in November.

“Katie brought up Brett Kavanaugh,” he continued. “The difference between Brett Kavanaugh is we were asking the Senate to make a decision and the Senate was told they need to vote now. There couldn’t be any further investigation. We gotta have this vote by next week or the republic will crumble, is what Mcconnell said. We never looked into it further. He was confirmed in a private vote by the Senate.”

Bream countered by recalling her coverage of the Kavanaugh hearings, insisting that “there were multiple investigations involving the Senate Judiciary Committee investigators, FBI and others.”

“It wasn’t like she showed up and made her allegations and they said, ‘we are voting today,'” said Bream.

Pavlich bolstered Bream’s point on the “lengthy process” behind the Kavanaugh confirmation, then began making several points of her own about the credibility of Reade’s accusations compared with those of Christine Blasey Ford.

“Now, if you want to do this comparison, Tara Reade told three people, her mother and two friends about this,” she said. “Two of the friends say they remember her telling her. There’s a complaint she filed and her ex-husband knows about this allegation. There was zero of that evidence …”

At which point Hahn attempted to interrupt by pointing out that Kavanaugh’s was a “lifetime appointment.”

“Do not interrupt me,” Pavlich shot back. “Do not interrupt me!” (RELATED: Chris Wallace: Tara Reade Story Likely ‘Disappears’ By November Unless There’s A ‘Smoking Gun’)

“No no no no, Chris, you will not …” she said as Hahn continued.

Told by Bream to finish her answer, Pavlich said, “If we want to allow Joe Biden to have a different standard than what your party has been holding Republicans with no evidence to then that is on you, but that is a fact. You’re moving the goalpost. Tonight you’re saying that you want women to be heard. Well, the standard in the fall was they should be believed. So it’s up to you.”