‘President Obama Is In The Middle Of This’: Rand Paul Weighs In On Michael Flynn Case

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday that he believes former President Barack Obama likely gave the order to investigate Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser.

Paul spoke with Fox News host Martha MacCallum about Judge Emmet Sullivan’s decision to delay Flynn’s case after Attorney General William Barr called for it to be dismissed. (RELATED: Critics Cheer Neighbor-Felon Who Cracked Rand Paul’s Ribs After Roberts Nixes His Question)


“I think the government made a big mistake bringing these charges against General Flynn and we never should have been listening to his phone call and shouldn’t have been trying to entrap him into or create a crime,” Paul began. They never thought he committed any crime, they brought him in to try to create a crime. What a terrible travesty of justice.”

Paul went on to say that he was working hard to make sure the federal government does not have the power to do that to anyone else.

“Do you think that it is right to let the American people know who decided to unmask General Flynn from those phone call transcripts?” MacCallum asked.

“Absolutely. And I don’t think anything like this could have happened without President Obama,” Paul replied. “I completely believe that not only did he know, and others have already said that he knew about the conversation, he knew about trying to go after General Flynn and it was being directed from the White House, so I have every expectation that President Obama is in the middle of this.”

Paul went on to say that the sensitive nature of the investigation made it obvious to him that Obama would have to at least know about it.

“I really, strongly believe that President Obama gave specific and direct oversight and direct permission for this. Think about it,” he said, adding, “The media have treated President Obama with kid gloves. Someone needs to ask him directly ‘Did you approve of Operation Crossfire Hurricane?’ I think the answer is yes.”