Britain Won’t Let Company Show Commercial For Smoothies Before 9 PM Because Fruit Is Handled Too ‘Seductively’

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Nicholas Elias Contributor
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A commercial by smoothie manufacturer Swisse Me was deemed inappropriate for regular television due to its sexualization of fruit.

The 30 second advert, according to Daily Mail, was produced by creative content agency PLAY. Clearcast, the governing body that oversees TV advertising, stated that the commercial included “sexual innuendos involving genitalia, breasts, and porn” and could only be aired after 9 PM.

“There’s nothing more natural than getting a mouthful of fruit, which is exactly what our smoothies are packed with,” said Nykkea Maretic, Senior Marketing Manager at Swisse Me, to the Daily Mail. All the goodness, with none of the filth.” (RELATED: Man Who Wanted To Settle Dispute With Ex-Wife By Sword Fight Ruled ‘Not Insane,’ Seeks Medical Exam For Spouse)


The commercial also kicks off the “food porn” campaign from Swisse Me which is loaded with sexual innuendos throughout their website. “We can deliver them straight to your letterbox too, in case you want to be discreet,” said Maretic to the Daily Mail.

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