‘That Dude Is Gonna Be Running For President!’: Greg Gutfeld Praises Ron DeSantis

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News co-host Greg Gutfeld lauded Ron DeSantis as a potential presidential candidate after the Florida governor unleashed on the media for criticizing his state’s coronavirus response.

Speaking to the media Wednesday while standing beside Vice President Mike Pence, DeSantis explained how “a lot of people” in that profession “waxed poetically for weeks and weeks about how Florida was going to be just like New York.”

“Wait two weeks Florida’s going to be next, just like Italy, wait two weeks,” he said sarcastically. “Well hell, we’re eight weeks away from that, and it hasn’t happened. Not only do we have a lower death rate–well we have way lower deaths generally–we have a lower death rate than the Acela Corridor, DC, everyone up there.”

After “The Five” played the clip, Gutfeld called DeSantis’ rant “full Trump.”


“Maybe Trump is contagious, because man, that guy went full Trump and he deserved every moment to say what he had to say because the media held him accountable for things he didn’t do, and meanwhile didn’t hold other people accountable for things they did,” Gutfeld said. “They didn’t hold China accountable and they didn’t hold those responsible for the rest home scandals accountable. They turned Andrew Cuomo into a saint while totally vilifying this guy.” (RELATED: ‘You Just Got Blown Out Of The Water!’: Greg Gutfeld Uses Video To Fact-Check Juan Williams On Hydroxychloroquine)

The Fox News co-host implored everyone to go to his Twitter account and “watch that tape.”

“It’s amazing,” he said. “That dude is gonna be running for president because he deserves to. In 2024 maybe.”