Nurse Caught On Camera Wearing Nothing But Underwear Under Clear Gown — Her Bosses Were Not Amused

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A Russian nurse is facing disciplinary actions after she wore just her bra and panties under a clear protective suit while treating COVID-19 patients.

The unnamed nurse is reportedly in her twenties and had previously complained that her regular uniform was “too hot” under the additional protective gear required to treat patients with coronavirus. Her photo was taken as she wore what appeared to be either a bathing suit or simply a bra and panties under her suit as she treated patients in an all-male COVID ward. (RELATED: ‘I’m Not Going To Let You Make A Political Speech’: Sherrod Brown Scolds Steve Mnuchin During Hearing)

A translated tweet from Russian paper News Tula identified her simply as “a nurse from Tula” — about 120 miles from Moscow — and reads in part, “A disciplinary sanction was applied to a nurse of an infectious diseases hospital in the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital.”

The Russian Health Ministry responded to the nurse’s actions by sending a warning to all employees who might be tempted to follow suit. “Employees were reminded of the need to comply with the requirements for sanitary clothing and appearance,” the statement said.

Initial reports claimed that the nurse had been wearing only a bra and panties, but updates suggested that she may have been wearing a bikini. The nurse reportedly claimed that she had been unaware of the fact that the full-length vinyl gown required in COVID wards was transparent.