Florida Men Get Into Heated Fight With Paint Outside Home Depot

[Youtube/Screenshot/Public — User: THEY LIVE]

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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Four men got into a large fight using paint as the main weapon outside of a Home Depot in Tampa, Florida, on Wednesday.

The man in the blue shirt can be seen throwing a large paint can at another person while another man goes in for a hit with a garden hoe. The blue shirted man then goes after a smaller man with a paint bucket, which he throws at the man with the blue shirt. (RELATED: Video Shows New York Couples Having Sex In Public)

The large man then returns to the pickup truck and begins slapping another man.

The fight is broken up by bystanders and Home Depot workers. One of the men in the fight, who was slapped by the blue-shirted man, tells the cameraman to “Send me the video.” According to the NY Post, “The men all knew each other and worked together. They declined to press charges.”

Apparently it isn’t known what caused this commotion.