Here’s Why Tucker Carlson Just Called For Nine GOP Senators To Lose Their Next Primary Race

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for nine Republican senators to lose their next primary races for writing a letter to President Donald Trump demanding that he continue allowing “foreigners to take American jobs.”

The nine senators – Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, John Cornyn of Texas, Mike Crapo and James Risch of Idaho, Michael Rounds of South Dakota, Todd Young of Indiana, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan of Alaska, and James Lankford of Oklahoma – all signed a letter to the president asking him to protect seasonal guest worker visa programs.

Carlson, however, opined on Wednesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that inviting foreign workers to come and take high quality jobs during a time when more people are “unemployed than at any time in American history” should be grounds for losing one’s next political race.


Calling the current self-imposed unemployment issue a “crisis” as “profound and dangerous” as any war, Carlson said that finding Americans work again “has got to be our top priority.”

“Thankfully there’s something we can do to help right away,” he said. “A huge number of American jobs are now occupied by foreign nationals, and not just the seasonal lettuce picking we hear so much about, those fabled jobs Americans just won’t do. But also many jobs that Americans would be thrilled to do and have, white collar jobs, the kind your kids studied for in college but can’t get because some big company would rather pay foreigners a cheaper wage.”

Such practices, Carlson noted, have been happening “for years” because of Congress-made “guest worker programs.”

Despite the fact that “the future of our nation depends on getting Americans back to work,” the Fox News host said, “many in Congress disagree.”

“Today nine Republican senators sent a letter to the president,” Carlson said. “They demanded that he continue to allow foreigners to take American jobs.” To “increase their well-deserved shame,” he put their pictures up and named each one. (RELATED: Senate Republicans Urge Trump To Suspend All Guest Worker Visas Amid Coronavirus Pandemic)

“The senators would like to see foreign doctors, physicians, dentists, cybersecurity experts and many other categories of white-collar workers come, too,” he said. “There’s certainly no shortage of Americans desperate to do these jobs. So many of our doctors and dentists for example aren’t working right now but ‘don’t worry,’ say the senators. All the Americans are getting generous unemployment benefits.”

Though “not all” of the senators are “bad people,” Carlson said, “we are fervently rooting for their defeat anyway. We are hoping that the next Republican primary, all nine of the people you are looking at right now will be defeated and replaced by people who care about unemployed Americans. That is the very least we can expect and in fact we should demand it again and again.”