Former Clemson Player D.J. Greenlee Addresses N-Word Incident, Says It Was ‘Immediately Taken Care Of’

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Former Clemson football player D.J. Greenlee doesn’t seem to have much interest in discussing an alleged racial incident from years ago.

Following allegations from Kanyon Tuttle about a coach dropping the n-word in practice without consequences from Dabo Swinney, assistant coach Danny Pearman came forward as the coach in question. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

He said he used the slur when talking with D.J. Greenlee during a 2017 practice while proving a point about not saying it.

Greenlee released a Wednesday statement on Instagram and said the situation was “immediately taken care of” and that it might not have been handled “properly” with the rest of the team.

He added that he’s put the situation “behind” him and isn’t interested in continuing to talk about it. You can read his full statement below.


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Honestly, this is a perfect example of people trying to run with something and the people actually involved having moved on long ago.

Greenlee made it crystal clear in that statement what happened between him and Pearman was handled years ago.


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Believe it or not, people involved in situations are often the only ones who need to deal with it. This happened three years ago! All parties directly involved seemed to have moved on!

If Greenlee had a serious issue to this day, I have no doubt he would say it. After all, he’s an adult man. I’m confident he can speak for himself.


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Should Pearman have said the n-word while trying to prove a point? Obviously not. Is this something people need to get spun up about three years after the fact when Greenlee has made it clear he’s moved on? That’s also a firm “no.”