Chris Evans Reveals How He Really Feels About Tom Brady Leaving The Patriots: ‘I Will Never Buy A Buccaneers Jersey’

(Photo: Variety/ Twitter Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Chris Evans revealed how he really feels about star QB Tom Brady leaving his beloved New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he didn’t hold back.

“He [Brady] gave me twenty years of sports memories, it’s an embarrassment of riches,” the 39-year-old actor answered when asked by fellow “Avengers” star Paul Rudd how he felt about Brady leaving for the Buccaneers, per Variety in a clip posted Thursday. (RELATED: Take A Look Back At Scarlett Johansson’s Best Red Carpet Moments [SLIDESHOW])


“I have seen so many super bowl victories in my life,” he added. “He can go wherever he wants. I wish him all the best.” (RELATED: Scarlett Johansson Under Fire For Plans To Play Trans Man In Upcoming Movie)

Evans continued, while noting that he had been watching “The Last Dance,” a series that focuses on Michael Jordan, and compared it to Brady’s dedication.

“The commitment, the drive, the focus all of it it’s just, so unbelievable, so inspiring, starts from such a young age it’s so all consuming,” the superstar actor shared. “Actors we take breaks, chunks of time off where our brain shuts off. These guys, they never stop. Tom I’m sure, doesn’t stop.”

However, The “Captain America” star made it clear he doesn’t plan on buying a Buccaneers jersey any time soon when asked if he would be rooting for the Tampa Bay team.

“I will never buy a Buccaneers jersey,” the “Avengers: Endgame” star explained. “But look, put it this way, if the Pats aren’t going to make it, I’ll probably be tuning into some Bucs games.”

The two men then talked about how Rudd, as a Kansas City Chiefs fan was feeling with a young star QB named Patrick Mahomes at the head of the wheel.

Evans told him to get used to winning super bowls, because the Chiefs “aren’t going anywhere. This is the new normal for you guys. KC is the benchmark and really it’s cause of that guy.”