‘It’s A Struggle’: Stephen A Smith Thinks NBA Players Will Break Quarantine To Have Sex

(Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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Stephen A. Smith said Tuesday that NBA players will violate the rules of their quarantine “bubble” in order to go have sex.

“Someone’s got to tell the truth,” said Smith on First Take Tuesday morning. “Do we really think that, uh, the ‘recreational activities’ these guys are accustomed to are going to be compromised for three months. You really think guys are going to be without their wives or their woman?” (RELATED: Illinois Teen Makes Replica Wrigley Field In His Backyard)

“When guys wanted to go to Vegas, you could’ve rented out the Wynn or the Encore or something like that,” said Smith. “They’re looking at Orlando like, ‘Damn, you gotta go through gates, you gotta go through hoops just to do anything.’ That’s a problem for them.”

Smith clarified his statements on Twitter, saying that he was talking about NBA players with wives or girlfriends. “You can’t tell players they can’t bring ANYONE — essentially go celibate for a month — and think there will be no violators,” said Smith on Twitter. “Ain’t happening.”

The NBA is set to resume play on July 30 in Orlando, Florida, at Walt Disney World Resort, per the NBA.