Man In Spider-Man Suit Shows Up At New York City Protest: ‘You Gotta Learn How To Have A Dialogue’

Screenshot: Shelby Talcott (@shelbytalcott) on Twitter

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Someone dressed in a Spider-Man costume showed up at New York City’s “Occupy City Hall” protest Tuesday with a stack of pizzas and encouraged the crowd to have a dialogue with people they disagree with.

“Listen, I love you guys,” he told the crowd. “This fight, this fight is all ours.” (RELATED: Daily Caller Reporter Shelby Talcott Attacked, Surrounded By Protesters. Police Pull Her To Safety, Handcuff Her)

“You gotta have discussions, you gotta learn how to have a dialogue,” he said. “And that’s what this generation has lost.”

If “the 20-somethings, the 30-somethings, even the teenagers, don’t learn how to have a conversation with people, our peers that may think different than us, we ain’t gonna progress as a society,” Spider-Man continued. “Black lives mattered in the past, they matter now, and they will always matter.”

He then pointed to a stack of pizzas that he brought as “a small token of appreciation,” telling the crowd that “I hope it means something.”

New York City’s “Occupy City Hall” protesters have taken over a block of the street in front of in City Hall and are demanding that city council votes to cut the NYPD’s budget by at least $1 billion. The city council is set to vote on the budget Tuesday.

Calls from activists to defund the police escalated following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Police custody. Protests spread nationwide after Floyd died May 25, some of which escalated into violent riots.

Protesters began infighting over various issues Tuesday morning after a group tried to expand the occupied zone. Reporters were harassed while trying to film the crowd, despite being a public area.

Spider-man said he would be at the protest for the rest of the day.