REPORT: Meghan Markle, Prince Harrys Wedding Brought In $1.2 Billion In Tourist Revenue

(Photo by Ben STANSALL - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding reportedly brought in enough revenue to completely offset the cost of the extravagant event.

Markle’s legal team claimed the wedding brought in roughly $1.25 billion (USD) in tourism revenue in a new filing, according to a report published Wednesday by the Daily Mail. The wedding reportedly only cost roughly $39.9 million.

The filing comes after the Daily Mail claimed United Kingdom taxpayers paid for the majority of the royal wedding in 2018.

Markle’s team claimed the wedding was “not, in fact, publicly funded, but rather personally financed by HRH The Prince of Wales. Any public costs incurred for the wedding were solely for security and crowd control to protect members of the public as deemed necessary by Thames Valley Police and the Metropolitan Police.” (RELATED: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Donate $112K From The Broadcast Of Their Wedding To Coronavirus Aid)

The Daily Mail reported that UK taxpayers paid for the security of the wedding including “heavy police presence, crowd control and restrictions placed on businesses.”

If Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding actually brought in roughly $1.25 billion in revenue, that’s crazy. That’s a ton of money. Part of me isn’t that surprised considering people are fascinated with the royal family and the coverage over the 2018 wedding was huge.

The broadcast alone was reportedly watched by $1.9 billion people. The couple recently chose to donate $112,000 to coronavirus aid. It’s unclear if that amount was the entire amount earned from the wedding broadcast.