‘You Can Take Your Mask Mandate And Shove It Right Up Your Ass’: Dan Bongino Vows To Defy Mask Order

(Dan Bongino Show screengrab)

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Li Conservative radio host Dan Bongino vowed to defy officials who passed a mandatory mask order this week in his county of residence.

“You can take your mask mandate and shove it right up your ass,” Bongino said Wednesday on “The Dan Bongino Show,” a shot across the bow to Martin County, Florida commissioners who voted 5-0 to pass the ordinance after a lengthy Tuesday meeting that saw most residents in attendance opposing the mandate.

“They have no authority to do this,” the former policeman and Secret Service agent said. “These people are just fabricating new tyrannical powers drunk on their own power.”


Bongino clarified his position by stating that he is not “anti-mask” per se and is willing to abide by the wishes of private businesses and individuals who ask for mask usage in their own spaces, but took issue with the government mandating something that adults should be able to work out on their own.

“I do not need power-drunk pseudo monarchs, little mini tyrants in my supposedly conservative county sending out ridiculous childlike amateur hour edicts demanding people wear masks in situations where the risk of transmission is somewhat close to zero,” he said. “You can take your mask mandate and shove it right up your ass, you understand? Because I will not comply.”

“I will use my own adult mature 45-year-old judgment to determine when and where to wear a mask so that I do not infect someone else and that I do not make people uncomfortable,” Bongino continued. “We are all big boys and we will figure it out.”

Bongino took particular issue with the requirement to wear masks outside in 100-degree weather when there is little to no risk of coronavirus transmission.

“If we fold and bend the knee to these government-wide ridiculous edicts like wearing a mask on a 100-degree beach in the middle of Martin County then what’s next, a mandate to eat broccoli?” he asked sardonically.

“I will not comply with a ridiculous edict that will do nothing for my health or anyone else’s,” he said.

In the meantime, the Fox News contributor promised to actively support anyone who chose to run against the council members. (RELATED: ‘Sloppy Thinking’: Stanford’s Scott Atlas Rips Lockdown And Mask-Wearing Proponents For Denying Science And Ignoring Data)

“We don’t have to win,” he said. “We just have to take a stand.”

Mandatory masking orders have become increasingly common throughout the U.S. as several states deal with coronavirus case spikes. Though outdoor transmission is rare,  John’s Hopkins recommends wearing a mask when you are in an enclosed space and can’t socially distance, since you can be assymptomatic and wearing one can help prevent you from spreading the virus.