Sweeten Things Up With These Dessert Box Bundles That Are On Sale Now!

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When trying to sell a home, real estate agents will often use the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies to put potential buyers at ease. After all, who wouldn’t want their home to smell of delicious baked goods? If your mouth is already filling with saliva, this delicious deal is right up your alley.

If you love sweet treats but can’t make it to the bakery as much these days, Whisk Takers has you covered. This at-home baking box bundle gives you everything you need to prepare and bake top-notch desserts that you and your family can enjoy.

Even if your baking experience amounts to nothing more than pouring pre-made brownie mix into a bowl, Whisk Takers’ makes preparing desserts incredibly easy. That’s because, in addition to their easy-to-follow recipes, these at-home baking boxes also contain many of the pre-measured ingredients you’ll need, making the baking process as simple and enjoyable as ever.

Wondering what kinds of desserts you can expect to whip up? Check out these mouth-watering bundles Whisk Takers has to offer!

Whisk Takers: Ready-to-Make Dessert Box Baking Bundle – $48

Love brownies and cupcakes? Then this bundle will appease that hungry sweet tooth of yours! With this box, you’ll receive recipes for S’mores Brownies and Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes! As long as you take care of the butter and eggs, Whisk Takers takes care of the rest, providing you with quality ingredients like Teddy Grahams, hazelnut sugar, pink, salt, and so much more.

Get this bundle at just over 20% off for just $48 here!

Whisk Takers: Vegan Bundle – $60

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you should miss out on Whisk Takers’ mouth-watering treats! That’s why they offer a dynamic vegan bundle, complete with recipes for S’mores Brownies, Banana Walnut Blondies, and Double Chocolate Chip Cookies! Instead of worrying about running to the store for special ingredients, let Whisk Takers do the work for you. And with each kit yielding enough to make 12 to 16 pieces, there’ll be enough to go around for everybody!

Click here to get the vegan bundle for just $60 at 20% off!!

Whisk Takers: 3-Box Brownies & Cupcakes Bundle – $56

Have a hankering for chocolate? Then you definitely don’t want to miss out on this bundle! Thanks to Whisk Takers’ easy-to-follow prep, you can enjoy Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes, Cookies N’ Cream Brownies, and S’mores Brownies without ever stepping foot in a bakery. And while these desserts seem complicated, the box’s labeled, pre-measured ingredients make even the greenest baker an instant pro. After taking a bite of one of these things, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Get this bundle for $56 at 20% off here!

Prices subject to change.

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