VIDEOS: Riots Across Portland Lead To Fire Being Set Inside Police Union Building, Officers Squaring Off With Crowd At Courthouse

REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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PORTLAND, ORE. — Riots in Portland continued Saturday evening, with one leading to a fire being set inside a police union building and another continuing to target the federal courthouse.

Portland has seen over 50 days of protests and rioting, and Saturday proved to be no different. Daily Caller reporters were at the scene where rioters squared off with officers after tearing down fencing and using it to barricade the federal courthouse.

Meanwhile, another riot in the city led to the bureau’s union headquarters being broken into and briefly lit on fire, according to police.

Outside of the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, hundreds gathered and immediately began removing fencing surrounding the park and courthouse that had been erected by officers. Some rioters barricaded the building and began to taunt officers by banging on the walls and yelling for them to come outside.

Small fights broke out between those who wanted to continue tearing down fencing and a small group trying to prevent further destruction.


At the same time, the police department declared a riot a few miles away after the Portland Police Association’s (PPA) North Portland offices were barricaded and broken into. A fire was set inside that building and officers responded, according to reports. The Portland Police Department announced that the fire was put out shortly afterwards and that they were able to restore “order in the neighborhood.”


While that riot dispersed, the one back at the courthouse remained strong. Officers arrived a little before midnight and deployed tear gas, pepper spray and more in an attempt to disperse the crowd and remove barricades from the building.

Rioters retreated, but quickly returned after officers left and put the barricades back up against the courthouse. Some in the crowd continued to spray paint the building, while others banged on the walls and continued to taunt officers. (RELATED: ‘We All Should Be Patriotic’: Veteran Hangs American Flags At Portland Courthouse)


As the night wore on, the crowd thinned and some small fires were set around the park and fireworks were set off throughout the early morning Sunday, but officers did not return at that time.

It is unclear when officers did come back, but as of Sunday morning, at least some of the fencing around the park appeared to have been put up again, according to Caller reporters on the ground.