Shooter Opens Fire On Chicago Mourners As They Attend Funeral Of Another Shooting Victim


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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At least one shooter opened fire on a Chicago funeral home Tuesday as mourners gathered to pay respects to another shooting victim.

The shooting occurred near a funeral home in Chicago’s Auburn Gresham community and appeared to to be “some kind of a planned ambush,” according to a report from CBS. (RELATED: Kayleigh McEnany: Lori Lightfoot And Bill De Blasio Have ‘Lost Control’ Of Their Cities)

Local CBS reporter Charlie De Mar spoke with witnesses on the scene, noting that the funeral was for a victim of another homicide. “Spoke to a woman who had blood on her jeans. She didnt know whose blood it was,” De Mar tweeted.

Police sources on the scene told De Mar that the victims numbered in the “double digits,” and that as many as nine people were in critical condition at different nearby hospitals. One person of interest was reportedly in custody.

Later reports indicated that at least 14 people had been shot — all adults — and most had either walked or been transported to area hospitals.

Chicago is one of several cities that have seen an uptick in violent crime, prompting President Donald Trump to threaten to take action if mayors are unable to get their cities under control. Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot has repeatedly balked at the idea, saying that she would fight back against any attempt at federal intervention.