Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Takes Aim At Pelosi, Says Biden ‘Needs To Get In Touch With Reality’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Missouri Governor Mike Parson took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Joe Biden during a Saturday morning appearance on Fox News.

Parson spoke with “Cavuto: Live” guest host David Asman, telling him that he placed no value on Pelosi’s opinions and later adding that Biden needed to “get in touch with reality.” (RELATED: Governor Of Missouri Mobilizes National Guard)


“As you heard, Democratic critics claim that federal agents are going way beyond just protecting buildings, that they’re roaming the streets, arresting people without warrant for that,” Asman began. “Nancy Pelosi, as you heard, actually calling some of these federal agents ‘storm troopers,’ which is a very ugly reference to Nazi Germany. What do you make of all of this?”

“Well, first of all, I don’t value anything Nancy Pelosi says,” Parson replied, noting his own personal history in the military and law enforcement and saying that he did not believe the majority of Americans would agree with Pelosi’s assessment of law enforcement.

“We’re a country of law and order, and if we don’t uphold the men and women that serve that, and our law-abiding citizens, we’re not protecting them, we’re losing the battle and we got to step it up so I appreciate what the president is doing about sending reinforcement in because it’s quite evident they need help,” Parson continued.

Asman went on to mention Portland, Oregon, specifically — which has seen weeks of almost continuous unrest — and noted the refusal of officials like Democratic Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to accept help from the federal government.

“Well, forgive me for interrupting, governor, but Vice President Biden continues to call what’s happening in Portland peaceful protests. What would you tell him?” Asman asked.

“Well, he needs to get in touch with reality, I would say,” Parson said, adding, “Anybody with any common sense knows these are violent protests going on, people are getting hurt every day, properties are getting destroyed and again, with everything else going on in our country right now, you’re just totally maxing out police departments and then you’re letting violent criminals run loose on the streets which is another problem to what we’re dealing with with protests.”