‘It’s Absolutely Disgusting!’: Mark Morgan Unloads On Nancy Pelosi For Calling His Officers ‘Storm Troopers’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan unloaded Wednesday on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Morgan was responding to Pelosi’s comments from several days earlier — when she had referred to federal law enforcement officials as “storm troopers” — and he told “Fox & Friends” host Griff Jenkins that Pelosi’s comments had gone “right to the heart.”


Morgan began by addressing the violence in general, saying that politics shouldn’t matter when it came to ensuring the physical safety of the people. (RELATED: ‘Irresponsible Rhetoric’: CBP Chief Condemns ‘False’ Attacks From Democrats)

“This is about wanting to walk down the street and not be concerned that your baby in your stroller is going to be shot. That you can attend a funeral and there’s not going to be a war zone in the aftermath,” Morgan explained, saying that it was unacceptable to see politics taking precedent over the safety of American citizens.

Jenkins mentioned Pelosi’s reference to “storm troopers” along with Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has vocally opposed any assistance from “Trump troops” despite the fact that her city has been ravaged by the uptick in gun violence.

“What is the reaction of the men and women carrying out law enforcement there to words like that, and what do you say to her?” Jenkins asked.

“I’m disgusted. I’m disgusted, Griff. Look, so far this year, CBP, just CBP alone we’ve lost 10 personnel, 10 in the line of duty. And for her to refer to those men and women as storm troopers, that is — that is — it’s absolutely disgusting,” Morgan continued. “It goes right to the heart because I know the character and I know these men and women that are sacrificing so much.”

“When their political leaders are using disparaging terms like that, it’s just reckless and it’s untrue. These are professional, civil law enforcement individuals that are out there doing their job protecting this great nation. They are not storm troopers,” Morgan said.

Morgan went on to say that people should be asking why their leaders oppose working together with President Trump for the common goal of reducing violence and unrest in their cities, concluding once again, “Politics is being place above public safety. People should be outraged.”