Caitlyn Jenner Discusses Kanyes Most Recent Alleged Bipolar Episode

(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Life is Good)

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TV personality Caitlyn Jenner only had good things to say about Kanye West after the rapper made headlines during an alleged bipolar episode.

Jenner discussed thoughts on Kanye during Monday’s appearance on “Good Morning Britain.”

“I hope for the best for him,” Jenner said during the episode. “He’s a really good guy.”

“The only thing I can talk about is really how he treated me through everything,” Jenner continued. “He has been the most kind, loving human being and so good to me throughout the years and especially going through everything I’ve been going through in the last five years. He’s been such a good friend.” (RELATED: Caitlyn Jenner Says She’s Already Texted Kanye About Being His Running Mate)

Kanye has reportedly been living at his ranch in Wyoming amid all the public attention and his decision to run for president. Jenner claimed that the distance hasn’t allowed for her to be involved in anything going on.

“Since all of this has come down, I have just kind of watched it just like everyone else,” Jenner added.

Jenner didn’t have much to say when asked about what kind of president Kanye would make.

“I don’t even want to discuss or talk about politics anymore,” Jenner responded.

Jenner had previously commented about wanting to be Kanye’s vice president.