Teacher Spent Weeks Delivering 7,500 Meals To Students During Coronavirus Lockdown

(Credit: Africa Studio)

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A teacher is being lauded as a hero after spending 17 weeks delivering 7,500 packed lunches in England to his students during the coronavirus pandemic.

Zane Powles walked 7.5 miles every day to deliver 85 meals to his students after Western primary school closed due to coronavirus, according to an article published Wednesday by Good News Network. Powles walked over 600 miles delivering his meals.

“When I started these walks I was concerned about the kids and their wellbeing and I wanted to make sure I could see them all,” Powles said. “I needed to know if they were safe, if they were healthy, and if they had access to food.” (RELATED: Lack Of Internet, Technology, Meals: Teachers Detail Pitfalls Of Remote Teaching During Coronavirus Crisis)

“After all these months it was a bit emotional for it to come to an end—I love seeing my students and checking up on them,” he added. “It’s so important to me.”

“I’m just doing my job at the end of the day,” he said. “My role is to help nurture and educate children, and to take care of them.”

The teacher didn’t take any days off during the school year.

“I can’t believe how far it’s gotten—I never expected to do any of this, but it’s crucial that it doesn’t end here,” Powles said.