‘Democrats Don’t Love Her’: Jesse Watters Says Kamala Harris Won’t Tip The Scales For Biden

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters said Tuesday that the 2020 presidential election would not focus heavily on former Vice President Joe Biden’s newly-minted running mate.

“We will stop talking about Harris in three days,” Watters said of Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris during a segment of Fox News’ “The Five.” “This is really more about Joe and how he stacks up against the president,” he added. (RELATED: ‘This Was Not A Hearing, This Was A Cancellation’: Jesse Watters Says Democrats Meant To Cancel William Barr)


Cohost Dana Perino suggested that Harris might be more likely to be at the forefront with regard to press availability, adding, “I think they have to be a lot more visible than they have been. What do you think of that?”

Watters argued that a very visible Harris might actually be good for conservatives, saying, “I think that’s great. I would love for Kamala Harris to overshadow Joe Biden. It’s not that hard to do.”

“Democrats don’t love her,” Watters continued. “They didn’t love her when she ran. She dropped out before the year even started and there was no real buzz, there’s no grassroots enthusiasm for Kamala Harris. She’s tenacious, I’ll give her that. I mean, she draws blood when she goes after people during these hearings but she doesn’t have any sort of policy chops that people speak of. She doesn’t have a clue about China. They will unleash her and she will say mean and nasty things.”

Watters went on to say that, while there might be some within the Republican Party who wouldn’t “go after” her for fear of being labeled “racist” or “sexist,” he did not believe President Donald Trump would refrain from doing so.

“I don’t think Donald Trump has a problem with tearing into Kamala Harris. He’s not worried about being called racist or sexist. That much is clear,” Watters concluded. “This is really more about Joe and how he stacks up against the president. We’ll stop talking about Harris in about — hmm — three days.”