‘These Were Peaceful Shootings’: Jesse Watters Mocks Seattle Mayor For Underplaying Danger Of CHAZ

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters mocked officials in Seattle for underplaying the potential dangers of “autonomous zones” that did not allow law enforcement to enter.

Watters addressed the issue Tuesday on “The Five” after Democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced her plan to put an end to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). (RELATED: ‘Seattle Would Be The First City To Fall’: Jesse Watters Mocks Jenny Durkan’s Response To CHAZ)


Katie Pavlich pointed out the fact that Durkan had effectively endorsed CHAZ from the beginning.

“President Trump said you need to get it together, this is going to turn out to be something very dangerous for your city, she brought snark into it and said, ‘well, why are you so afraid of democracy?'” Pavlich said, arguing that Durkan’s insistence on embracing the “Marxist narrative” had gotten people killed. “To say this is just a protest is detached from reality,” she said.

Dana Perino noted that Durkan’s insistence on allowing CHAZ to remain had resulted in business being driven from the area. “You’ve had big firms, companies that were planning to either locate or expand in Seattle turn tail and head to Arizona because they don’t want to put up with this kind of thing,” she said.

“These were largely peaceful shootings, Dana, let’s be honest about this,” Watters said sarcastically. “And I’m pretty sure they were white supremacists doing the shooting. There were some largely peaceful shakedowns, rapes and assaults as well — and some of the 911 calls that came in for people that wanted to report crimes to the police, the police couldn’t get in there, and that’s probably a good thing because we don’t need more police brutality in the area.”

Watters went on to say that the mayor was going to be left to clean things up, adding, “When Donald Trump offered to clean it up a week before the peaceful homicide, he was just trying to do that to divide and distract, that’s the difference.”