‘The Definition Of Fakery’: Ari Fleischer Calls Biden ‘Weak,’ Says Harris Has Delivered ‘Fake’ Her Entire Career

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer called Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris’ speech “the definition of fakery,” adding that she had “delivered fake her entire career.”

Fleischer spoke with Fox News host Sean Hannity during a segment of his Wednesday show, responding to the speech Harris gave at her first joint event since accepting former Vice President Joe Biden’s invitation to be his running mate. (RELATED: Chris Wallace Claims Kamala Harris Is ‘Not Far To The Left’ — Her Senate Record Disagrees)


“I saw lines that were prepared, lines that were memorized and lines that were delivered,” Hannity said, turning the question to Fleischer. “Thoughts?”

“Of course she did. That’s exactly what she did and you saw her fake it all,” Fleischer agreed. “You know, when I look at this ticket, Sean, my conclusion is Biden is weak and Harris is fake. Her position on busing is identical to Joe Biden’s. And yet she gives that impassioned, heartfelt story about what happened to a little child and then it comes out the next day that she also supported what Biden did, which is no national busing program, but it should be determined locally — that was Biden’s position in the 70s, the terrorist position now. She attacked him for having her position? That’s the definition of fakery in a politician. And she’s delivered it her entire career.”

Hannity went on to suggest that Harris had been chosen in order to take up the “full-time vocation” of attacking President Donald Trump — much in the same way as she has attacked Trump’s surrogates in Senate hearings.

“As California’s Attorney General, acted tough, tough prosecutor. What does she say now? She compared ICE agents to the KKK at a Senate hearing this year,” Fleischer continued. “She asked, was asked a question about somebody in a crowd who talked about police are there to protect the rich and harass the poor. She’s nodding her head,  and said, ‘Right, right.’ That’s the problem with her. She’s a fake and her positions are going to hurt her and the vice president is going to drive that home.”