Make Sure Your Or Your Partner Don’t Turn Into A Caveman This Summer With These Grooming Essentials

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Remember the last time you got a haircut? Don’t worry, no one can. So perhaps it’s time to take shaves, trims, and clips into your own hands. But before you grab a pair of craft scissors and get to work, consider using these fantastic grooming tools to help you look more like yourself and less like Tom Hanks from Cast Away. And the best part? They’re all on sale!

Men’s 5-in-1 Electric Shaver & Grooming Kit – $34.99

Growing out that beard sounds like a great idea but with all the Zoom meetings you’ve had lately, that wild facial hair could use a little attention. And thanks to this multi-functional shaver with five attachable heads, shaving your beard and trimming those nose hairs couldn’t be easier. It even boasts a 5-D floating head to enlarge the area you cover, reducing chances of cuts and irritation.

Get the 5-in-1 shaving tool here for over $25% off.

Crux Supply Co. Shaving Bundles – $31.99

Why wait for the barbershop to open back up to treat yourself when you can enjoy luxurious shaving products right at home? From a lavish bentonite clay shaving soap to pre-shave and post-shave oil, these cruelty-free, organic goodies are a grooming must-have. The bundle even includes a stainless steel shave bowl and a lightweight boar-bristle brush.

Snag these shaving essentials at 36% off when you click here.

LVL Shave Co: Ultimate Neckline Grooming Set – $37.99

Tend to the hard-to-reach neck area with help from this innovative neckline grooming tool! Adorned with three interconnected razors, you can quickly and painlessly cut hair on the back of your neck without worrying about cuts or irritated skin. It even comes with accompanying prep and aftershave lotions to make the process even more enjoyable.

Click here to get the set for just over 20% off.

All-in-One Hair Clipper – $47.99

A perfect example of fine engineering, this wireless, waterproof clipper is designed to adapt to the unique contours of your face, allowing you to tend to your neck, jawline, and face with incredible precision. And since it comes with three interchangeable moving blades, you can achieve just about any style you want.

At 20% off, this high-end razor is a total steal.

Luxitude Groomer, Beard Trimmer & Shaver – $23.99

Designed for the modern man, this state-of-the-art shaver is perfect for facial grooming, body hair trimming, and more. Boasting four clipper heads, lubricant, and a charging port, this grooming tool is ideal for using at home or while traveling so that you can always look your very best.

Get it here for just $24 bucks at 60% off.

Modrn Man 2-Step Cosmetic Systems – $26.95

Until someone stumbles on the fountain of youth, this men’s anti-aging skincare is the next best thing. In just three minutes a day, this 2-step system, which boasts natural and safe ingredients, can keep your skin looking vibrant and youthful for years to come. And the fact that 10% of proceeds get donated to men’s charities is an added bonus.

Click here to turn back the clock and get 20% off.

4-in-1 Men’s Electric Razor – $39.99

Don’t have time to worry about grooming? No problem. Boasting four versatile heads and 4D floating technology, this advanced grooming tool can trim sideburns, clip nose hairs, and even wash your face in record time. And thanks to its waterproof make and precision blades, you can enjoy clean close shaves whether you’re using it at home or on-the-go. It even features an LED light display that tells you when it’s time to charge or clean it.

Get this 4-in-1 electric razor for 60% off its normal price here.

The Cut Buddy: Beard-Shaping & Hair-Trimming Guide – $11.99

While you’re doing the best you can when it comes to grooming these days, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help. And since the barber’s not available, The Cut Buddy lends a helping hand, guiding you to trim and clip your facial hair to perfection. After using this cutting stencil just once, you’ll definitely see a huge difference.

Save 20% off its regular price when you click here.

6-in-1 Electric Hair Clipper & Accessories Bundle – $49.95

When it comes to men’s grooming tools, consider this bundle a one-stop-shop! Toting an impressive 6 cutter heads and limit combs designed for both the head and body, there’s not much you can’t do with this thing. And since it can run at full power for up to 120 hours in between charges, you can snip, trim and shave to your heart’s content. It’s even safe enough to use on the kids!

Click here to get this incredible bundle at 16% off.

Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer – $13.99

While it’s easy to forget about those growing nose and ear hairs, they’re often the first things people notice. Get things back under control with this sleek. easy-to-use hair trimmer that features a micro-vacuum that pulls hair and stores it in a chamber for the simplest clean-up ever. And thanks to the razor’s curved, dual-edge design, you’ll never have to worry about painful tugging or irritated skin again.

Save over $20 bucks on this trimmer here.

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