REPORT: Big 10 Chancellors And Presidents Are Refusing To Comment On The Decision To Cancel Football

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Big 10 officials are reportedly refusing to comment on the conference canceling football.

In an all-time bad decision, the B1G decided to cancel football during the coronavirus pandemic. Did we get a sufficient explanation? Nope. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Is one on the way? Apparently not. Adam Rittenberg claimed that he reached out to half of the presidents and chancellors in the league, and “not one wants to comment.”

What a bunch of cowards and clowns. So, the Big 10 can vote to decimate local economies and communities by canceling football, but won’t stand by the decision?

Every single person involved should be ashamed of their conduct. If canceling football was the correct call, then why won’t anyone defend it?

Why won’t Big 10 presidents speak out loudly in support of not playing games? Why is there so much silence and so little answers?


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I’ve seen more fairness, openness and honesty in third world dictatorships than I have out of the Big 10 over the past several days.

It’s despicable. I’m not sure Saddam was even this secretive.

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Every single Big 10 president and chancellor should be forced to go on the record about whether or not they supported canceling football. Every single one should have to do it.

Hiding from the media and press won’t end well as long as I’m alive and kicking. I’m dedicated to exposing this circus for what it is.

This is now my burden to carry, and I’ll do it gladly.

The Big 10 might as well just give us answers because this isn’t going to stop until we get them. I can promise you that much.