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Let’s get right into it. I want to introduce you to the Echo Plus, the solution to the problems you never knew you had! Now, the Echo Plus is one of Amazon’s premium built-in smart home hubs that are completely voice-controlled and are meant to be effective modern household assistants if utilized correctly. These Echo products at surface-level are effective household speakers that provide premium sounds from all major streaming platforms like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, and more. However, the Echo Plus is much more than just a speaker and I’ll explain why.

(Photo via Amazon)

The Echo Plus Is One Of The Best Value Echo’s So Far! Get Your’s On Amazon Today 

As someone who has an Echo Plus, I can genuinely say this Echo product by Amazon is absolutely incredible. As mentioned early, its most prime function allows users to stream through music from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora through the device with premium sound. However, the Echo Plus also allows users to voice control nearly every feature of the device. Now, imagine that you have a deadline coming up in a week and someone just reminded you. Although you may not have a calendar or a pen on hand, you can simply say “Alexa, please remind me to finish this before next Friday.” Following this prompt, the Echo Plus will immediately create a saved calendar due date and reminder for you to complete the mentioned work. Quite literally, the Echo Plus can act as an assistant taking care of your scheduling needs, online Amazon shopping, and phone calls. Additionally, if you are capable you can also set the device to connect to your home’s lights and locks to truly utilize the home assistant capabilities.

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

Now, the device features numerous other capabilities and is only listed at $149.99. With such an affordable price, the Echo Plus is worth your investment. Need more convincing? Feel free to check out the following reviews and product details for more information:

One Amazon customer left a fantastic review, “Love Alexa! I’m glad I did my research and decided to go with the Echo Plus. Has the built in hub and within minutes of turning it on for the first time our house turned into a smart house. Set up for light bulbs and outlets was a breeze. Alexa reminds us and helps us with all sorts of stuff! The App is so easy to use too. So many things we are doing with it now and every day we find new ways to have her help out! I love this and now have dots in just about every major living space in the house and the Echo Plus in the kitchen. The intercom feature is great for my teen who loves to shut her door and listen to music on the end of the house. I highly recommend the Echo Plus. Sound quality is perfection as well!!”

Another customer was a little more critical in their review but still felt positive about the product, “The sound quality is amazing, amd fills the room well. Decent bass for a speaker of this size and price. Alexa is a little slow to respond, but typically in less than 1 second she’ll answer you. She also has trouble streaming Pandora but it wasn’t a show stopper and hopefully will work after a reboot.”

Make sure to get your Echo Plus, and Amazon choice product today and completely revolutionize your home!

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