Percentage Of Deaths Attributed To Coronavirus Decreased During August In The United States

Antonio Masiello/Getty Images

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The percentage of daily deaths attributed to coronavirus has decreased since the beginning of August, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“The latest CDC #COVIDView report shows the percentage of deaths attributed to #COVID19 increased for 4 weeks in July after being on the decline since mid-April,” the CDC said Monday on Twitter. “This percentage has decreased for the past 2 weeks but remains above the epidemic threshold.” 

The 7-day period between August 1 and August 8 saw the lowest number of deaths from COVID-19 since the pandemic’s peak in mid-April, according to the CDC’s provisional death count. The daily death rate has been decreasing since the week of July 25. (RELATED: Study Finds That Full Lockdowns Did Not Reduce Coronavirus Mortality Rate)

Provisional death counts are updated continuously as death certificate data is reported to the National Center of Health Statistics. The data may change over time as more deaths are recorded, the CDC noted. 

Data from the COVID Tracking Project showed that the number of daily deaths from coronavirus increased between July 7 and August 1. The number of daily deaths decreased slightly after August 1 and has remained relatively steady since then, according to the COVID Tracking Project data.

The week of April 11 to April 18 saw 17,026 coronavirus deaths, the highest number recorded during the pandemic, the CDC data showed. During the week of August 8, there were 3,169 deaths, a decrease of 186% since the peak. 

The number of weekly deaths during the week of August 8 is nearly the same as they were at the beginning of the pandemic. During the week of March 28, there were 3,150 deaths – 19 fewer than the first week of August. 

Hospitalizations due to coronavirus have also decreased since mid-July. 

As of August 19, there have been 171,012 total deaths from COVID-19 and 5,460,429 confirmed cases, according to the CDC. Around 1 out of 5 deaths occurred in nursing homes.